brings together nearly 25 years of experience
helping people design, display, and manage their sales territories.

Web Applications for Sales Territory Management

For nearly 25 years, we have been creating franchise and sales territories for all types of businesses... pharmaceuticals to home furnishings, international to local, largest to smallest. First on the mainframe computer, then on the PC, and now on the Web, we help people manage their franchise and sales territories.

The following discusses web applications for franchise and sales territory management. Ease of accessibility as well as a nearly universal appeal of web browser based applications makes these systems ideal for many businesses. Imagine a full range of territory management capabilities at your command anywhere you have web access!

25 Years of Experience Applied to the Web

At, we apply 25 years of experience serving thousand of companies to the development of Territory Management Services. We make sure that every web application serves your needs. Every effort is made to deliver a solution that “speaks the language” of your business and is most supportive of your organizational structure.

Territory Management on the Web - It's Easy!

The Web is a great platform for all aspects of franchise and sales territory management:
  • Collaborate Web based systems make it easy for people down the hall and across the country to work together. Bring sales management, analysts and field sales together!
  • Design Territory design reflects the organization and its requirements. Our web systems support design at all levels, from county to zip code to census by state and right down to the street and household levels. Include critical data that drives the design process, including your sales information, client and competitor locations and demographics.
  • Share Easily distribute your sales territory information…across the hall or the country. Share information with other departments and organizations.
  • Maintain The Web makes it easy to change your territories… visual tools provide a map based editor. Track data, such as sales and prospects, as the changes are made.
  • Sell Franchise organizations find it easy to track the status of their territories...licensed, available and pending.

Multi-State to 3 Street Blocks

We help you manage your territories your way, from states to streets, from one level to 7 nested levels. If you have nested regions, districts, territories, zones and routes, we make it easy.

Visual Territory Management

25 years ago, our clients asked us to create maps with all the data they needed. Maps that are not just pretty pictures. Maps that are as much a part of decision making process as the data itself. Today we create web tools that put the data on the map. See all that you need to design the best territories!
  • Demographics
  • Sales Data
  • Customer Locations
  • Competitor Locations
  • Full Street Detail
  • All the data you need

We Create Web Applications for You

Our web applications are created for you. They work the way you need them to work, for your organization. The application is designed to your specification, and before the system is completed, you are encouraged to put it to use and discover new ideas to work even better. In this way you never need to say, "I wish I had thought about that." And, even after the system is completed, we make it easy for you to come back and request enhancements.

Basic sales territory management by state

More complex areas by radius and other shapes

Manage territories, ZIP Codes

Draw your territories

Visual display of households

Easily edit your territories

View data as you build territories

View all the data you need

Driving directions and sales call planning

Distinguish territory areas

View territories over Google Maps

View territories over satellite imagery

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