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helping people design, display, and manage their sales territories.

Sales Territory Design

For nearly 25 years, we have been creating franchise and sales territories for all types of businesses - pharmaceuticals to home furnishings, international to local, largest to smallest. We create the franchise and sales territories you need, when you need them!
The following discusses sales territory design, the process of working with you to create your territories. If you already have territories, we may be able to help your efforts, to save you money and better optimize the results. If you already have franchise or sales territories that you would like to see on a map, we suggest you visit:
Sales Territory Maps.

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The sales territory design process reflects the business: its management, history, culture, direction and industry. Some companies are established with 100 years of history, while others are relatively new. One business has a complex, well established, multilevel sales organization structure that undergoes annual review, while other businesses seem to redesign territories monthly.

The Territory Design Process should
accommodate the organization
and its specific needs.

Sales Territory Design Options

At, we have a complete collection of tools and expertise which is used to develop your custom sales territory design process.

Most of the Franchise and Sales Territory projects fall into these categories:
  • We Do All of the Work for You With an understanding of your business and specific needs, our experts create your territories and deliver the maps, reports and databases necessary to put them to work.
  • Our Team Does the Work With You Territory design is an iterative process, often involving many departments. Our team works closely with your departments in the way that best coordinates the project and provides the deliverables required by each.
  • We Deliver the System, You do the Work Many organizations have the staff and expertise, as well as the commitment to manage the Territory Design Process themselves. For these companies, the benefits of control over the process more than offsets the additional cost of time and staff. We make sure that you have the tools you need. If custom systems and databases are necessary, we will create these for you.

Sales Territory Design Process Examples

  • New Sales Force for New Product A national medical supply company requires not only territories...but a prediction of the required number of sales people as well. Teams work together to study the sales potential at hospital and clinic locations as well as travel time and other work load factors.
  • Maximizing Franchise Revenues A business services franchise grows beyond designing territories by "what the franchisee wants". A web based system helps them use demographics to create the greatest number of optimal areas.
  • Standardize & Update By ZIP Code A home cleaning service wants to transition to territories defined by ZIP Codes. Older maps are used to redefine and update new areas.
  • 10 Year Growth Plan A national home protection service looks to establish over 1,200 new territories over the next 10 years. A combination of customer profiling, demographic projections and a statistical study of distance weighted factors provide the basis for a yearly plan.
  • Translate Legal Documents A national fast food franchise looks to establishing a computer based territory management system. A web based mapping system was created which helps the user to visually translate legal descriptions into computer mapping formats.
  • Territories by Household Income A regional home service looks to expand nationally. A model based primarily upon the number of households with children in areas within a certain income range is used to create territories.
  • Balance by Customers, Prospects, Drive Time A regional office supply company looks to update sales territories. The locations of customers and prospects are factored with current revenues, current account growth and new account prospects to create a balance of sales opportunities with work.
  • Design by Retail Outlets & Ethnic Populations With successful growth, a seller of phone cards looks to create new territories, often splitting existing ones. Analysis of sale history and location of retail outlets in relationship to targeted ethnics populations provided the basis for the new territories.
  • Door-to-Door Delivery Tools A national publisher of phone books distributes by door-to-door delivery. An online system allows them to easily plan for each market, design each delivery route and print the packet of instructions and delivery map used by each book deliverer each day.
  • Delivery by a National Grid A shipping and delivery services company looks to create sales territories, analyze data and manage deliveries through a custom national grid system. A web based system helps them build and maintain this "nested grid" territory system, as well as input customer data and track delivery resources.

Why Use the Team at

  • Nearly 25 years of experience In 1985, our staff began creating complex territories for a consumer products company. We developed large maps, as large as 9 by 12 feet, to hold all the data and information to support the design process. Once on the mainframe, then on the PC and now on the Web, we create and deliver sales territory design support.
  • We are Your Mapping Department Digital and printed working maps through presentation quality maps were produced last year for nearly 17,000 companies. From the board room to the sales department to the drivers on the road, we create the maps you need.
  • Develop the Design Process Right for You We support you in the way that makes sense for you and your organization, including services and systems. We will help you make the right choice between services and systems. And, we grow with you...start by using our service and then, as your organization expands, transition to a system...often the same system we have built to do the work for you.
  • Save Time and Money We draw on our experience to help you design the best process for your business. And, our large client base allows us to share the economies and minimize your costs.
  • Optimal Use of Printed and Digital Maps We fully provide digital and printed map publication and distribution. This supports the often iterative process of territory design, making it easy for people to review design and provide feedback, whether down the hall, across the country or around the world.
  • Web Applications for Design Support Our web programming group creates the tools necessary to bring the advantages of the World Wide Web to the Territory Design Process. From collaboration and creation to maintenance and distribution, we place the data where you need it, in the way that is easiest to use.
  • Customer Profiling and Market Analysis When you need to develop an analytical understanding of your customers, we can help. We can also work with you to find new customers, where they are located and cost effective ways of developing them. The result: better territories.
  • Math & Statistical Modeling for Balancing Many projects benefit from the modeling process. A descriptive model of the demographic and geographic factors describes how the sales process for your product, market and organization functions. A predictive model applies what has been learned to new markets as well as the future conditions of current markets.
  • The Most Accurate, Updated Geography Our data and geographies come from the leading, most respected sources. Most data is updated quarterly; some monthly. The staff at then brings to the table nearly 25 years of enhancing these databases, enriching their attributes and customizing them for your special needs. We do more than use geography...we create it!
  • Automation and Production Support Proprietary systems run over a nationwide network with 8 servers over 50 computers and 6 high volume large format printers. A dedicated staff of designers, analysts, developers and map makers assure that you get the project you need, when you need it.
  • Custom Territory Boundaries Bring the results of your territory projects into your favorite mapping and database software. We will create your territory boundaries and provide them ready for use in any format for any application such as ESRI, MapInfo and Oracle. And, we will further customize your geography for any use, from large format printing to web app images.
  • Publication Quality Maps Our map makers and proprietary systems produce the finest quality maps. Working with thousands of businesses, we developed 8 formats that are most effective for business applications. And, if you need something new, we will develop a custom format just for you. You will find our maps in boardrooms, shipping departments, movies, company war rooms, books, delivery trucks, web sites, TV, Embassies, military installations...the bosses wall...on your desk.
  • Easy to Work With Our mission is to make sure you get what you need, the way you need it, at a cost your organization can afford. When people ask "What file format do you require?" we ask them what format is easiest for them. When they ask "when can we get the maps?" we ask "when do you need them?" And, we craft agreements that get you what you need, at a cost and payment program that makes it easy for you to get approval.
  • Projects Large and Small, Complex and Basic We have nearly 25 years of developing sales territory expertise and tools with the largest organizations...and then finding ways to make these tools applicable and affordable by the smallest. We want to work with map or one thousand. Whether you are part of a multinational organization or the proud owner a small business, we give you best of class expertise and a solution to your territory needs.
  • Projects Completed on Your Schedule When a client asks "When can you complete my project?" we ask "When do you need it?" A fully integrated staff of designers, analysts, developers and map makers work with you to coordinate every aspect of your project. Every effort is made to bring together the resources necessary to get you using your territories.

Sales territory design for regions, districts and territories...
Sales territory design for regions, districts and territories...

Sales territory design for zones and routes zones and routes

 Legal Descriptions get translated into maps and GIS data
Legal Descriptions get translated into maps and GIS data

All of the data needed, placed on the map.
All of the data needed, placed on the map.

Analysis and Modeling of sales territories and potential
Analysis and Modeling of sales territories and potential

Proof maps and web applications support design, collaboration and review.
Proof maps and web applications support design, collaboration and review.

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